Two days until transfer day, or maybe that’s one day if you don’t count the actual transfer day. It’s finally (almost) here. The wait has been long and I’m ready to get my little embaby in my womb. It’s obvious, isn’t it? I’ve managed to find myself in a calm and hopeful place, which was my goal for this process. I attribute this state to a number of things including, but probably not limited to, emotional exploration through reflective blogging, Circle and Bloom FET meditation practice, prayer and ritual, honest conversations with my few supportive people, mindfulness practices, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, nature walks, date night with my husband, some fun outings, and getting accurate information from my RE. These things have been invaluable. I didn’t have all of this the first time around, and it’s made a huge difference.


Yesterday was the full moon, and as I approach my transfer on Thursday, I wanted to harness the energy of the moon. I’m entranced by the moon. The August full moon is often called the Corn Moon, and calls us to focus on harvesting that which we have already planted. The synchronicity with this and my embryo in waiting and  (hopefully) pending pregnancy is magical. It was suggested to me by another magical woman that I set out a special stone to charge with the fertile energy of the full moon and keep it on my person until I get a positive pregnancy result. I liked the idea and thought the best way for me to do this is to use a piece of stone jewelry. After considering my options, I decided on two pieces that are made with stones that aid in fertility, and have a special meaning for me. These particular pieces include rainbow moonstone, rose quartz, carnelian, rhodochrosite, amber, and quartz. I also decided to set out a rose quartz heart palm stone that I plan to have handy after the transfer as a reminder of love, acceptance, and welcoming.


I set these items out on my wood stump on my balcony, which gets a great show of moonlight, and spent some time in prayer. This morning I mindfully put on my bracelet and necklace, and offered thanks. Thursday can’t come soon enough.


Jewelry by MacRae Naturals, Goddess statues and spiral baby by Brigid’s Grove, candle by me.