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Rounding to a close, today is the last day of my 3-day quote challenge. It’s been fun to share my some of my favorites because, let’s face it, during this infertility journey we all need a little inspiration and perspective. So before moving on to my last quote, a reminder of the rules:

    1. Thank the person who nominated you. One last thanks to CW from Almost Pregnant for tagging me. Be sure to go check out her blog if you haven’t yet. You’ll find great stuff there.
    2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days and explain why it appeals to you.
    3. Nominate bloggers to participate in the challenge each day. My final tags are Silently Screaming and Serenity. Be sure to check out their blogs.

Today’s quote is a reminder of just how badass we all are – especially us infertility warriors.


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It’s simple but packs a big punch. During infertility treatments it’s easy to forget how tough we are when we focus so much on what is going wrong – with our bodies, our plans, our relationships, our eggs. But think about all the things we do in the pursuit of our dreams. We sacrifice. We endure pain. We get poked and prodded. We fall, and then we rise and do it all over again. We really are badass. And we shouldn’t forget it.

In total I’ve gone through 6 IVF cycles. I’ve always given myself the subcutaneous belly injections during the stimulation phase. Those were easy. Well, as “easy” as any of this ever gets. But I’ve always had my husband give me the intramuscular shots (IM). You know, the ones with the giant needles that go in the rear. Now, I’ve got plenty of booty, but still I always feared that if I stuck myself with that tree-sized needle I just might go too far and hit bone. The needle looks that big to me. I’ve had to do both progesterone in oil (PIO) and estradiol valerate intramuscularly. These shots have to be given at certain times. I have literally driven to my husband’s work site to have him give me an injection. (Umm, awkward much?) I’ve panicked when I thought he wasn’t going to be home in time to give me the shot. He’s turned down overtime to be home at the right time to administer my shot. It’s ridiculous.

This cycle I said fuck that. I decided to do the IM shots myself. I’m tired of waiting and worrying. I’m tired of being afraid.

So last night, while my husband was driving home late from work, I prepped my gigantic needle and gave myself the shot in my ass like an IVF boss. And then I smiled. Because I’m tough like that.        

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