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I had my suppression check today. Everything was perfect – my uterine lining was thin and my ovaries were quiet. Just as it should be to begin IVF number 6, and so I got the green light to begin. I’m on a microdose lupron protocol again, which I seem to respond well to. Being a “regular” at my IVF clinic, I won’t have to return for my next appointment for 7 days. By this point, we pretty much know how fast I will respond to the stimulation medications, and we can make reasonable predictions about how long I will be on them. So for the next 7 days I will dutifully inject myself twice a day and hope to have a good number of follicles growing at the next appointment. I never get a lot by some standards, but I’m hoping for at least 7. Less than that would make me nervous. But I will try my best to not worry about that. I expect my whole protocol will last about 12 to 13 days.

We will be doing a fresh 3-day transfer. I’m excited to finally know I will have a transfer again, which gives me at least some chance of becoming pregnant. At the same time, that also means I’m going to get one of those calls. You know, the call that determines your future; in other words, “the beta call”.  I stopped taking home pregnancy tests a long time ago because they were always negative. I became paranoid – like somehow I was “jinxing it” by taking the test. So I stopped. But lately it seems like I’ve accumulated quite a history of getting calls with negative news from my IVF clinic. Whether it be a negative beta, abnormal PGS results, or news that none of my embryos made it to blast – these experiences have now made me dread, or should I say fear, those calls from my nurse. Simply thinking about it makes my heart race.

I’ve asked my close friend to take the day off when I’m expecting the beta call. My husband will be at work. She will come over in the morning and I will have a test waiting. I’m considering testing on the morning of my beta to avoid spending the whole day sick to my stomach with anxiety, and to get the news on my own terms. We’ll have a plan – to go for a walk on my favorite trail and then go out to lunch. We’ll do these things no matter the news. Having a plan, and reserving the right to change it later, is comforting to me. It eases some of my anxiety about beta day and lets me focus on the now.

Another way I’m trying to stay present focused is by indulging my creativity.  I made a fertility crystal grid, and I plan to use it as a focal point for meditation. I concentrated all of my intention for this IVF cycle – having a healthy pregnancy and baby – into the creation of this grid. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded of my intention. It contains some stones that were given to me when I started this fertility journey, other crystals that hold special meaning for me, and a pregnancy support bracelet that I intend to wear after my eggs are fertilized and my little embryos begin to grow.

And so, here I go again…