IMG_20170506_153807179_HDRIt’s been a hectic week. I’ve been traveling for work and returned to piles of laundry. So, of course, Beltane was in the middle of that and I was unprepared. With so many beautiful Beltane rituals filling my Facebook feed, I was feeling a bit like a “bad Pagan”. But that’s just how life is sometimes. So in an effort to avoid stress and self-inflicted guilt, I opted for a simple candle ritual. Really simple. Just a tea light and my favorite chosen symbols of my current IVF journey: a small pregnant Goddess, a spiral with a baby in center, and a septarian egg. As I lit my candle, I said a few words of appreciation for the season and all the fertility it brings.

Again I fought back a little ping of guilt that I hadn’t created a more elaborate ritual since this particular turning of the Wheel is dripping with all things related to creation, vitality, and hope. Pretty much exactly what I’m going for at this point, especially with my stimulation cycle just about two short weeks away. But I set that aside and reminded myself that simple and spontaneous can really be the best, and anything from the heart is what really matters.

And then, from somewhere I didn’t recognize came the desire to write a poem for the occasion. Talk about “from the heart”. Poetry is not my forte, but I honored the idea that came to me so strongly. So here is my impromptu Beltane Blessing. Go easy on me. And happy belated Beltane to you.

The fire sparks all around

Creation is in the air

The earth swells and blossoms

A Divine spiral afoot

May I harness this vibrant energy

To bring life into my womb

Into my heart, my arms

I pull it in

A glowing ribbon swirls around

Filling me with potential

Fears fade to the background

As the energy flows through me




I welcome you in

Precious one